Organic cacao products from Dominican Republic

Cocoa Family Farms has proudly supplied organic cacao products to
wholesalers and manufacturers for decades!

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Why our products

We are dedicated to building strong, professional relationships with businesses.

Fair trade Certified

Maintaining quality standards and owning our own farms gives Cocoa Family Farms an edge over competitors, maintaining quality standards from the farm to the finished product.

Family Owned

Cocoa Family Farms has been in the organic Cacao Paste farming and growing business for decades, providing raw products for U.S., European and Middle Eastern Markets.

No middleman

Having our own farms and working directly with partnering farmers gives Cocoa Family Farms an edge to provide the best prices possible and pass the savings on to you.

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Our Products

We are dedicated to building strong, professional relationships with businesses.

cacao Paste


We produce organic certified, natural Cacao Powder (10-12%) at our processing facilities. Natural Cacao Powder contains greater quantities of calcium, copper, magnesium, phosphors potassium, sodium and zinc when compared to other types of cacao products.

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cacao butters


Our processing facilities produce natural and organic Cacao Butter which is an essential ingredient in chocolate and frequently used as an element in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, toiletries, and the like.

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cacao nibs


We offer Cacao Nibs from both fermented and non-fermented Cacao Beans. Our Cacao Nibs are placed in special ovens that roast them according to sizes and corresponding temperatures. Our nibs also have many uses within several industries while instantaneously exhibiting unique flavorsand qualities that differ depending on the fermented state of the raw Cacao Nibs.

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cacao paste


Yet another key component of chocolate that we produce is Cacao Paste. Made from both non-fermented and fermented Cacao Paste, Cacao Paste has applications that range from confectionery,food, and chocolate to nutraceutical and cosmetic industries.

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Cacao Paste


We have Criollo and Trinitario Tree variations and produce both Sanchez and Hispaniola Cocoa Beans. The production of our Sanchez Cocoa Beans are organic, non-fermented and sun dried and our Hispaniola Cocoa Beans undergo a unique process of fermentation,

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