A ten cents quality story

If you ever wonder where the great stories come from, we would say with all certainty that they arise from the fruit of integrity, dedication and effort. That’s how our story began.

About Cocoa Family

At the early age of 10 years old, Victor Garcia, our founder, son of a poor family of 12 siblings in a remote rural community of the Dominican Republic, struggled to swim against the current to escape poverty. It was under these circumstances, motivated by the love of the family and the desire to see them with a better quality of life, he decided firmly, in an act of premature maturity, to work in a cacao farm for only 10cents a day.

The years went by, in a dance of life impregnated by the aroma of cacao, fruit with which it would develop an almost mystical language, through which, perhaps, ancestors transmitted all the secrets about quality, because that’s what the earth does when you work it with love. And there he became a man and a teacher without excuses, or pretexts, because hard work only managed to edify him, dressing him with a crust as robust as that of cacao itself. He educated others, transmitting integrity, and the population witnessed his dedication, and the trees witnessed his perseverance. His passion for cacao was so great, that years after hard work, that child of 10 cents to which life itself had substituted toys for hard-earned work, managed to acquire a farm that turned him into a man.

Garcia’s dedication and integrity gained the loyalty of a growing number of farmers, and nowadays they collect Cacao Paste from more than 300 producers in the region.

In the process, Garcia began exporting his own products. He married and became the father of 5 children, who later would become the administrative staff of the Cocoa Family company. However, things at that moment began to get complicated. The larger companies began to take him of business, since they wanted to buy Cacao Paste so cheap that they left no profit to produce their fruit.

In 2006, without knowledge, his children took the reins of the company in a difficult and sometimes heartbreaking cacao industry, until in 2007, when with a more structured and competitive company, the family decides to get hooked to modernity by opening a web page that would allow them to connect with the world -- an immediate success!


A huge statue of cacao pod welcomes visitors as they enter the city of San Francisco de Macoris, proclaiming the important role of cacao in the local economy. Cocoa Family farms and the cacao gathering center is located in Tenares near San Francisco de Macoris in the Dominican Republic. Cocoa Family / Victor Garcia and the producing partners, live in the great region known as El Cibao, home to 21 thousand of the approximately 35 thousand cacao producing families of the country. The deep and fertile soils of the Cibao and the regular rains favor the cultivation of rice and coffee as well. The fertile valley is considered the cultural heart of the country.

Today Garcia continues to grow in his cacao farms with the same passion of the old days, producing cacao ingredients of unique origin such as: powder, butter, beans, and liquor. The quality of their products is such, that they have managed to be certified as Fair Trade, Organic, Kosher, Bio Suisse, Rain Forest Alliance, UTZ, and others. So, if you ever wonder where the greatest stories are born, remember the boy who started at 10 years old and worked on a cacao farm for only 10 cents a day.